Dog bites house in Playa del Rey

a REMAX logo426 Manchester g houseYesterday, I had an open house at 426 W. Manchester, Playa del Rey.  I love going their as it is great to drive through Ballona Wetlands on the way, very peaceful .  We had over 12 parties; which is a great turn-out.  Unfortunately, the next door neighbors dog had gotten out and was wandering around the neighborhood.  When I drove up he walked in front of my car.  I think the neighbors have a blue Prius also, because he did the same when I was ready to leave.  I did not know he was their dog because I had never heard him or seen him before.  So I knocked on their door, but they were not home.  I tried to find how he got out to put him back in.  The only gate was a heavy locked driveway door, but I did see an open window with the screen on the ground.  That’s how he got out.  Tried as I could, he would not let me come close to pick him up and put him back in the window.  I felt bad for him because he obviously wanted to go back in the house. So, I go about setting up my open house and what does he do?  He starts his beagle bay on the front porch.  His  house is up a hill, so it reverberates throughout the house I am having open.  Later the back neighbors have a party that is quite loud and boisterous.  Should I stay or should I go?  I decide to stay.  Funny, I never knew the neighbors had a dog.  He is usually quite.  Later in the day, I asked one of the rs neighbors if they had a mobile number for the owners, but they did not.  Another neighbor said he was out all day.  I hope they came home soon.

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