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  1. larealestateblog Says:

    About Donna

    Donna has assisted Buyers and Sellers on the Westside since 1988. Originally from Virginia, she has lived on the Westside since 1981. Over the years she has received numerous Top Producer awards. Being a sound listener allows her to assist her clients in obtaining their goals. In 2003 she was able to expand her expertise with the purchase of a commercial property. Buying that property and managing it has given her the insight to advise her clients outside of the personal residence arena. She has weathered many different markets by becoming more educated and knowledgeable to different factors that affect the economy and real estate. Donna has become a top negotiator, and over the years has been able to determine the best course for her clients during the escrow period. By working with her clients she can identify trends and anticipate changes in the marketplace that will benefit her clients.
    These factors are the reasons why over 50% of her business is from referrals or satisfied past clients.

    She is personally connected to Los Angeles by being involved with the Santa Monica Conservancy, tutoring through the Santa Monica Library, cleaning the beach with Heal the Bay. She is also a member of the Los Angeles Conservancy, The Co-Opportunity Market in Santa Monica. The Friends of Griffith Observatory and the Mar Vista Historical Society. Other memberships include Tree People, The Audubon Society and the Westside Business Professionals Group. She is now studying for her Realtor Green designation, and is presently certified with Quality Service Certification. Donna has assisted sellers over the years with short-sales and, was certified and received her Certified Distressed Property Expert designation in Spring of ’09. She also trained for the Short Sale designation with the National Association of Realtors. Presently, she is working with banks and their potential foreclosures.

    A long time interest in conservation and sustainability has helped her transform her home into a toxic free dwelling. Since 1997 she has participated in the Revlon Run/Walk and collected funds from numerous donors. This stems from her best friend contracting two cancers in a short period of time and her brother having cancer. “I believe that we all know someone’s life that has been affected by cancer. Outside of real estate she has studied Horticulture at UCLA. This has proven helpful to clients that have questions regarding landscaping.

    Clients and other agents are always inquiring about service people in her little black book that she has compiled over the years. She constantly updates it by adding or deleting, depending on service rendered- “If someone has a few bad service records, I will remove them. If I hear of an outstanding new service person I will speak with them and see if they will work in my system.” Another factor that makes Donna invaluable to her clients.

    Donna also stages events for her clients such as a Day and Night at the Griffith Observatory, Ashes and Snow tour and pool parties. The Eco-House tour in Los Feliz was invaluable to her clients.

    We realize that you may just beginning your search and hope that this blog will prove informative. Please feel to contact us at 310-398-2332 or DonnaBenton@REMAX.com should you have any questions. We can provide Information and access to any property. If there is anyone else that you know that may be interested in buy or selling real estate, we would be happy to help.

  2. larealestateblog Says:

    About Lola

    Lola was rescued by the Southern California Poodle Rescue in March of 2008 when they closed down a bad breeder. It took over 12 years for this to happen. The dogs were living in deplorable, filthy conditions. Luckily, one of the ladies that runs the rescue, Madeline, is a groomer and breeder of Poodles. Her husband is also a veterinarian. I had an an approved application on file with them, but was not able to find a Standard Poodle that I wanted on their site. Or, if I did find one, I was not quick enough to claim a dog. I had just received a Facebook response from my friend, Lucinda in Sacramento: “next time I see you you will have a new dog” when I received a call telling me to go on their site and see picuters of the twelve dogs they were able to rescue.

    As soon as I saw her photo, I knew she was the one for me. She was black and white and had a happy face. I made arrangments to go their in a few days. The Poodle rescue is located in Thousand Oaks, which is in Ventura County, about a 45 minute drive from my home. Madeline lives in a lovely, almost rural mountainous area and the wildflowers were in bloom. Oodles of Poodles. Madeline must have been the only Poodle groomer for miles. There were Poodles everywhere. She breeds miniture Poodles (less than 15 inches at the shoulder) and keeps them in her home. Then she has a grooming area and space for the rescues. What an amazing site to see all of those Poodles. Her grooming business is set like an assembly line; her helper washs the dogs hands them to her and she grooms them and fast. All the while speaking in to her bluetooth and grooming away. The ohone never stopped ringing. There were dog crates all over the place filled with Poodles waiting their turn.

    In one room there was a female that was rescued from Fresno that had just had a litter of pups. Nothing more adorable than a Poodle puppy. I went into a holding area and I was surrounded by all sorts of colors and sizes of Standard Poodles, all beautifully groomed. How delightful. The one I wanted was smaller than the others and I could tell that she wanted to come closer, but she was too shy and not as assertive as the others. It took a while, but I was finally able to touch her but she did not want to be touched, but she was still interested and very happy, as long as I did not touch her. I took her outside to see if she would play. She did not know what to do with a toy or to run or play. She would have crawled into the wall if she could. My friend, Victoria, and I spent about 45 minutes with her, but no changes. I decided to check out another dog and took her in and went to get another dog, who they thought was her mother. This dog ran all over the yard, peeing on everything, much like a male. A little playful, but I was not connecting with her. Funny, I noticed that when I brought the second dog out, I could see my first chose was aggitated that I put her back. As I was playing with the second dog, Madeline’s husband, the veterinarian, came out and told that the black and white Poodle would probobly be a better match for me. I asked why he thought that. He said that he knows dogs, she was smaller than most standards and she would do well in a condo. That’s all it took for me. I went back in and told Madeline that I was taking the black and white Poodle, which Madeline told me was a Parti Poodle. You never see them at dog shows as they are not allowed to compete, only solid colors. I completed some paperwork and we loaded her in the back seat with Vicky. She was so awkward, she did not know how to get into a car. Because she only weighed 40 pounds, I was able to pick her up and put her in the car. Madeline told me that I should put her in the front, as she would end up bonding with Vicky. By that time we were starving, so we went to the local fast food place, got some food, ate in the car and then loaded her into the front next to me. We took surface streets home, as I knew the Los Angeles freeway traffic would be bad. This winds its way through the Sana Monica Mountains and you end up on Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean. I tried to keep my right had on her while I drove. She slept most of the way. Poor little girl, she threw-up as we were getting close to home. Those windy mountain roads. I can relate, I get car sick easily my self.

    Later that evening, as I was looking at her paperwork, I realized she had just been spayed and was very sleepy. At some point in the evening while I sat at my dining room table, she came over and put her head on my leg and fell asleep standing up. I was done, she was mine and I was hers. We both hit the doggy lottery. Lola got a home and I got the best dog ever.

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