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Dog bites house in Playa del Rey

September 14, 2009

a REMAX logo426 Manchester g houseYesterday, I had an open house at 426 W. Manchester, Playa del Rey.  I love going their as it is great to drive through Ballona Wetlands on the way, very peaceful .  We had over 12 parties; which is a great turn-out.  Unfortunately, the next door neighbors dog had gotten out and was wandering around the neighborhood.  When I drove up he walked in front of my car.  I think the neighbors have a blue Prius also, because he did the same when I was ready to leave.  I did not know he was their dog because I had never heard him or seen him before.  So I knocked on their door, but they were not home.  I tried to find how he got out to put him back in.  The only gate was a heavy locked driveway door, but I did see an open window with the screen on the ground.  That’s how he got out.  Tried as I could, he would not let me come close to pick him up and put him back in the window.  I felt bad for him because he obviously wanted to go back in the house. So, I go about setting up my open house and what does he do?  He starts his beagle bay on the front porch.  His  house is up a hill, so it reverberates throughout the house I am having open.  Later the back neighbors have a party that is quite loud and boisterous.  Should I stay or should I go?  I decide to stay.  Funny, I never knew the neighbors had a dog.  He is usually quite.  Later in the day, I asked one of the rs neighbors if they had a mobile number for the owners, but they did not.  Another neighbor said he was out all day.  I hope they came home soon.

Offer Not Accepted

April 16, 2009

Entrance to bike path at Ballona Creek

The seller rejected our offer I presented on Saturday.  One thing I left out; the agent is the seller.  He told me he wanted a certain number.  Based on recent comps, he will wait a long time.  We made the offer on recent comparables, added more for each floor and more for the view, subtracted for the market reduction and condition.  The last comparable in the building sold in October 2008, which means it was negotiated in August, before the financial meltdown.  My buyer is unwilling to come up to the seller’s price.   How much do you think a view is worth?


Wrote an offer

April 13, 2009

a-remax-logo4Wrote an offer on a condo at 5000 Centinela. This building borders Ballona Creek and the bike path.  It is about 2.5 miles from the ocean.  People are always surprised to see the inside of the buildings.  It is comprised of three buildings shaped like a triangle.  In the center there is the pool, spa, recreation/party room, gym and his and her saunas and baths. Monthly dues are under $300.00.

  We adjusted for the most recent two bedroom in the complex to sell, which closed in early October ’08.  It was on the first floor, this one is on the top floor and faces Ballona Creek and the Santa Monica Mountains.  We compensated for differencs in floors, views, condition and what has happened since the comparable (also know as “comps”) was negotiated, most likely in August, before all of the finance issues that occured.  We will see.

Blue Heron babies in Marina del Rey

April 6, 2009

blue-heronI saw 2 heads in the nest yesterday.  Later that day, I saw a body.  Not sure if it was a parent or a baby.  The Blue Heron is a large bird.  Sometimes I see them fishing along the Ballona Lagoon.  Along with Cranes, Egrets, Cormarants.   The other nest is quiet.



Donna Benton 310-398-2332

Donna Benton 310-398-2332

The Wonders of Marina del Rey

March 13, 2009

Took Lola to the Marina to walk along Ballona Creek this morning. It was a beautiful morning and promised to be a gorgeous day. There was a man with a high-powered telescope just standing around. I asked if there was anything exciting happening. He pointed to two nests in the palm trees, two blue herons have nested in the palm trees. He was on assignment for an article on Ballona Creek in National Geographic. Many days you can see them fishing if you walk along the Lagoon. Other shore birds can be seen; snowy egrets, cormorants’, sand pipers, sea gulls, etc. There is also a wooden walkway where you can see the water flowing in and out from the creek. I have seen octopus, squid, small crabs. Once we saw what I think was a sea slug. It was lying on the shore around the rocks. At first glance it looked like a rock as the color was similar, but it was glistening, unlike the rocks. I shimmed my way down and picked him up and put him back in the water. He looked liked a loaf of brown bread. Slowly he began to unfurl his body. I am not sure if he got stuck when the tide went out or if he was dying.

Ballona Creek is a branch of the Los Angeles River that eventually reaches the Pacific Ocean.  The river was contained in concrete many years ago to prevent flooding in Los Angeles.  Many efforts have gone into changing the vision of the Creek and the River to a more naturalized state.  The River has been used as a backdrop for many movies. Terminator is one that comes to mind.  

I cannot wait to see the article in National Geographic.