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Should Tax Credit be Extended?

September 24, 2009

I believe the tax credit should be extended as it has juLola and mea REMAX logomp started  the real estate market.  Whenever we are in a recession, real estate  always leads the way toward recovery. 

You may not know, the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit has had a positive impact on our market this year. Over a third of all sales have been to First-Time Homebuyers, and research shows that each home sold puts about $60,000 into the local economy. A great return on the government’s investment.

 The Tax Credit has been beneficial and it needs to be extended. It would also be helpful to expand the credit to include all homebuyers. In normal times, we would not favor such government involvement, but these are not normal times. I feel strongly that such Tax Credits will not only help stabilize housing prices, but will help us from falling back into recession.